fs2004 online better than fsX?

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Matt (airbourne) First Officer

I have to admit fsx gfx and stuff is so much better and is great on single player, but when it comes to multi player i think fsX is easyer.

reason 1. i get logged outta gamespy for no reason at all

reason.2 when u make a server and when ppl join bearly anyone evan talks they join and then leave.

reason 3. ther arnt as meny options online with the alt bar

u cant pick a diffrent aircraft only the one u choose at the start, i find this very anyoing. (Unless thers a command i dont know about)

reason 4. gamespy is more confusing , i think it was better when u could use f2004 host and spy thing , wher u could make ur own server , and then u could search for servers and it gives more infomation

Would love to hear from all of you to know what you think of what i have said.

Thx airbourne.

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