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Oooops, made a mistake and bought the pmdg 737 ng, now I can't even start the damn engines....let alone flying it and programming the FMS.......

Any help pointers or anything at all to help will be appreciated....the books that came with it are nothing but worthless.....nothing really is explained and a lot of typos.....

Don't misunderstand me It looks great and sweet....I just wanna be able to start the engines for starters.....and then I will worry about the programming....

Thanks guys

GPS KID you seem to know a lot about this AC I would appreciate your input too.....

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Hi Ohio,

Firstly - don't panic! Everyone has the same reaction to this sim, as it is the most advanced add-on.... it doesn't even use the default systems such as AutoPilot, it has it's own design from scratch.

But moving on - yes, I agree, the documentation (like most add-ons) is quite poor and doesn;t get you going anywhere in a hurry. It will take you some investment in time to get to know this plane but it will be worth it. No product available for FS9 depicts an Airliner with more reality than the 737NG.

Ok - Before worrying about starting the engines properly using the APU and everything, I'd suggest you take the "Dark & Cold" option OFF, if you have that set on FS.... then when you load in a new flight, the engines will be starting just as the simulation launches. If the engines are off, then a lot of people don't realise that CTRL + E does in fact work on the 737NG, but there is a catch :-

You need to press CTRL + E to start the auto engine start sequence, but you then need to click on the YELLOW WARNING LIGHT (almost immediately), on the left hand side of the 2D panel.... this will allow the plane to complete it's auto-start sequence and you'll be away. If you do CTRL + E but don't then immediately hit the Yellow Warning Button, your systems will not start properly :-

- You'll have no AutoThrottle, and
- You're Yaw Dampers and some other hydraulics won't work.

Give it a go, see how you get on, at least then you'll have the engines started and can try hand flying her....

A couple of other pointers before you take-off.... :-

- If an alarm sounds everytime you move the throttle, it's the FLAP CONFIGURATION ALARM... if you set flaps to 5 DEGREES this alarm will go away and you are free to Taxi and take-off.

- AutoPilot is complex on this plane..... it's pretty much identical to the real 'New Generation' AP system.

- Best thing to do for starters is to set things up on the grounds... Enter your initial altitude (try 6000 first), enter 250kts into the AutoThrottle Speed dial.... When you are straight on the Runway, set a RUNWAY HEADING (Straight ahead).

- Now take off, get to your transition altitude (About 1800) feet and hit the AP button (either), now select HEADING AND LVL CHG (Level Change)... LVL CHG is a great CLIMB system that manages the climb at a level that maintains the Airspeed.

- As an alterntaive, switch the AP on, select Heading, then press ALT, immediately followed by V/S..... this will mange your climb at the illustrated Vertical Speed and once the plane reaches it's target altitude it will level out.

This is only touching the surface of this AP system - just to get you flying... the real magic is when you use the LNAV and VNAV systems.

Hope this gets you moving - if you have anymore specifics, just shout up.

But don't give up - this plane is a bad headache at first but when you master it, it is a plane that will really make you feel like you are flying a real life Airliner.


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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

If you look under window's start menu, and go to the PMDG tab, you'll find a list of .pdf manuals, one of which is called normal procedures. This will step by step walk you through each switch, and you can refer to the manual to find them when you need to. The FMS may take a little time, but I learned it from scratch in about 3 days, so don't worry. There's also a pdf tutorial on line (i can't remember where), that is very explicit in how to do eveyrthing from start-up and programming, to making all the final arrangements for the approach.

As far as the engines not starting up, I've found that my engines will ONLY start up after i've already started to push back for some reason. They won't start with my plane just sitting at the gate. If you follow that, the tutorial in the back of the manual should make more sense.

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Ohiosimmer Trainee

Thank you both very much, as now I am still in my office but I can't wait to get home this evening and give it a try.......

I know it would be a shame if I can't fly this plane its so beautiful and realistic........and I know that this weekend I will have a lot of time to work on it.....

Thanks again

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Ohiosimmer Trainee

GPS Kid, I couldn't find the setting in fs where you can control whether the engines are already on or not.......

As for the pmdg tab I did not find any of those pdf files????

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

You might need to re-install then, as the PDF files should definately be there, they load up with the add-on. As Grunge said, they are the manuals for operating the plane.

Do you have Adobe Acrobat Reader, to allow you to read .pdf documents ?

If not first step is to get that and try installing the add-on again.... As Grunge said, you'll have a PMDG option on your START, PROGRAMS menu, that lists each PDF manual.

I'm not sure where teh "Cold & Dark" option lives so that you can switch it off, but as default mine was not set anyway.... Did you try CRTL + E, then click on the Yellow flashing Warning Light ? This works everytime for Engine start up on my set-up.

It's a real shame you're having a bad start with this add-on.... I had the same nightmares with the Legendary 727, the voice pack wouldn't work, and I had blurry graphics as the 2004 patch hadn't worked properly... But a re-installation sorted everything and I love it now.

Bearing in mind what you've said, I'd try a re-install, and make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader, so that you get the PDF manuals. Then load up a new flight and try the CTRL + E method. (Don't forget to click the yellow light!) ..... If this is not working, there is some sort of problem with the set-up I think, rather than this particular add-on.

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Ohiosimmer Trainee

Thank you again.........

When I create a flight.......the AC engines are already on which doesn't give me a chance to press that yellow light on time......what I am trying to do now is to start with the engines off.....I thought this way when I do ctrl + E I will be able to press the yellow light on time, as you suggested yesterday.......

The pmdg tab is there, I see it and I have it....its just doesn't have any of those pdf files......I thought that I have the acrobat reader, but that is something I will have to check when I go home this evening.....

Thanks again

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

You might be having trouble finding the PDF files because they are hidden away. You won't find them in the MSFS menus. You find them when you're on the windows desktop, and you go to the windows start menu, programs, pmdg simulations, 737 flight manual. I didn't even know that the 737ng installed to the windows start menu until i found it by accident.

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain


When you create a flight and the engines are on - cut them off by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + F1.

This will cut them off so that you can start with no engines for realism.... then when you have your passengers on board, "Doors to Automatic and cross-check 😂 ", and have your IFR clearance, you can use CTRL + E, and hit the Yellow Caution light, etc, set your flaps to 5 degrees and your ready to fly.....

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Ohiosimmer Trainee

Thank you

I found the pdf files......and yes they were on the desk top......

I have a lot of reading to go through now.......

but I think it will be worth it

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tomthetank Chief Captain

This is one hell of a good add on 👍

But like they say above,theres a bit of reading to do 1st
You can't just jump into this one and have a quick jolly Nope (well I could'nt,I tried................................and crashed Embarassed )

Highly recommended 👍

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George Leach (CDR) First Officer

If you cant start your engine hit CTRL +E and it should start automatically.

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Michael_H First Officer

I think Timothy M. Metzinger, at the beginning of his pmdg737 tutorial said it best:

"The good news is that you can master the various systems and methods of operation to fly the airplane.

The bad news is, that you must master the various systems and methods of operation before you can fly the airplane..."


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horrgakx First Officer

I too found this addon a little daunting. It also kills my frame rates (like 0.5fps to 3fps when at an airport). I found the Airbus A340 a much more frame-rate friendly add on and the aircraft systems themselves are much more advanced.

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

I think it should be clarified that although the Airbus may have more advanced systems in real life, the A340 Pro add-on is definately not more advanced than the PMDG 737NG.

There is a whole range of features that are modelled in the NG that aren't modelled in the (excellent) A340 Pro... Electrical and hydraulics systems are not fully modelled, most Air Conditioning switches are not active, etc, etc.

I'm not criticising the A340 Pro as I fly it (or the A320 Pro) just as regularly as I fly the NG.

Just to point out that a lot of the development came from the PSS A320 Panel which was originally a FS2002 add-on, so the development is arguably not as up to date as that of the 737NG.

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roadster123 Trainee

I got this and it is one of the best I have ever seen. I know the first time I tryed it I set it at the gate and had engines shut down. Tried to do and engine start and you would hear them try but would shut down your right hit the yellow light and they would start. but of course we were a tab bit late leaving the gate. as far as iam consernd this is as good as it gets. It not just a get in sit down and fly aircraft nor is the 727 there both good sims. I know the first time I brought the 737 in on approach and had everything set on loud and I am wanting to get it right colot gave 2500' call out I about left the chair scared the crap out of me

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