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What should the Autobreaks be set at when landing a Boeing 777? I usually have them set to RTO, but I don't think thats right.

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Greg West (BashDaBish) First Officer

RTO is Rejected Take Off when you are taking off.

The amount of autobrake varies. 2 is a good internediate setting to use.

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vlad (tiger7881) First Officer

For auto brakes you should know the folowing.

you got:





Some planes have 4 for emergancy.

now... regularly you use 2 if its dry runway and you think you are capable to stop. If its short runway and its wet in winter you could use 3 to stop your plane faster, RTO is rejected take off, you use it for take off. $ for emergancies, and 1 is w/e you want.

yerwordcounts Guest

😀 thanks tiger, im gonna take yer word for this, only cuzz i really don't know what the brake thingy did?
thanks again 😀

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