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This is why I want my Helicopter License...

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I cannot wait until I complete my helicopter training! Is this not the coolest thing to watch?? You see a Bell on approach, hover taxi, and even a near miss with another aircraft on the taxi way.

Performing a hover taxi in FSX is so hard to do....

Bell on approach / taxi

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Nice video.

You're right flying the Bell and the Robinson choppers are so hard to taxi and fly. I can even get it to stop spining 360's when I lift off. When I try to taxi ATC keeps telling me I'm not allowed to takeoff. UGH! How is a pilot suppose to taxi if you can't take off.

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Hehehe, I can perform the taxi and fly the chopper just fine, its just tough to taxi and maintain 15ft or so...

As for taxi approval in FSX... flying the helicopter is no different than any other aircraft, you still must have a departure plan, or a flight plan filed. If you are planning on returning to the same airport that you left, you file both as the departure and destination locations... you then will enter a flight level of about 1500ft (most local choppers do not exceed this)... you then declare it as VFR and load the flight at a GA parking ramp.

Once you load the flight, listen to ATIS and contact ground for clearance. Once you are clear, you can request taxi to the active. Once he clears you, you shouldnt be told that you cant take off because you are still in contact with Ground, not Tower... taxi over to the active, hold short (land) and contact tower, once he clears you, hover again, follow the yellow line, and off you go!

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Lol I train in the 172 and I can't tell you how many times there have been close calls with choppers at my airport lol it is cool seeing a helicopter hovering to taxi



that was a close call !!!

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That was a great video.... I personally would have had a few words with that Cessna Pilot and Ground Control!!!

Check out this guy... When you get to the page in the link below, scroll down to the picture of the Bell about 6 in off the ground and watch that video. (about a 1/3 of the way down)

Next to the picture it says:
"This is probably one of the best Heli pilots in the world; and probably the craziest as well, touch and go and stall turns. WOW!"

There are some great videos thereof other Heli's and RC Heli's. The things they can do with those RC Chopters is AMAZING!

Enjoy..... Wink

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