where are the brakes

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where are the brakes in an actual aircraft not the speed brake or the parking brake just the regular brakes like in during the taxi they stop and wait for other aircrafts so what do they press on if you can also attacha picture of where the brakes are it will be fine but if you cant find a picture just explain where they are.

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In the real aircraft they are on the rudder pedals. The upper part are the brakes and beneath is the rudder. In FS if you have a joystick, brakes are usually the fire button the one that's under your index finger or you can just press the full stop key on your keyboard.

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some have heel brakes too, and some have switches on the yokes (some russian ones), some oldies had a lever, while some had none at all.
but, were are they activated or how, with the new fly by wire things, like some airliners don't even have rudder pedals anymore or yokes??????????

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