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what does it do, and will it really excellerate fs9??????
patch – file will buy you an added 20% to 40% more graphics.

Please do us both a favor and read this info in it’s entirety!!!

NOTE* I enclosed all the code that’s original and what was changed and named them so you can clearly see what is removed, you can view on word pad or similar editor!!!! Pease feel free to mod. This file – patch to your liking!!!!

NOTE* This file removes some of the extra scenery that your autogen controls add, some not that many and as a by-product you get much better performance and higher levels of graphics.

NOTE* Backup your file as always first!!!! This way you can go back to the old file easy!!!!!!

NOTE* Feel free to pass this around upload to sites or make any changes as you please!!!!

Go to your FS9 folder and find the ( Autogen ) folder, inside ( default.xml ) rename to
( olddefault.xml ) or you choose the name and copy in the patch simple….

Remember the original file is 59KB and the patch is 19KB and they can't be named the same....

Then start game and run your sliders up, all the way up and tweak down to your pleasure....
Make sure that your FPS is not locked less than 30FPS!!!
I run mine at 40FPS!!!

I have a cheap card MX440 64MB DDR 7,777 on aquamark3 overclocked to 320/480 @ 3.9 GBS +/- as I have twice had my order shipped wrong maybe newegg can get it right!

Enclosed a screenshot of very hard graphics to generate, London City I am getting 17FPS - 32FPS+ @ 800 x 600 / 16 bit, but resolution is a matter of preference and effects the gains in performance respectively.

Eddie Batista

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I dont even know of a patch and I run my fs2004 at 55- 60 fps. If I get this does that mean it will be more.

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I don't know what it does?? thats why I am asking?! 😕

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lol I thought you were explaining it to us. Well it seems like it boosts your fps if you downloaded it and got more fps.

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Flight Simulator 2004(FS9) Update 9.1

Overview of the changes in the Flight Simulator 2004 Update v9.1
• Fixed decrease in autogen performance
• Fixed seasonal crash to desktop
• Improved digital elevation mesh support
• Replaced missing landmark bridges
• Added autogen objects to Kennedy Airport (KJFK) satellite photo
• Fixed multiple intermittent crashes
• Fixed the incorrect check ride certificate
• Improved support for Matrox Parhelia video cards
• Water rendering and the Japanese language
• Fixed multiplayer support
Reference ➡

Download page-FS9 Update v9.1

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