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Any ATC or real pilots?

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Confused Ok I have a question for you,I have d/loaded a real ATC flight Arrow

Its very good......but
As I approach Milan I am told by ATC to continue high speed after fl10000
Ermm... Now I thought that under 10000 ft you had to be below 250kts or if caught you were hauled over the coals Hit with Chair sacked,hung up by the whatsits or worse Blink Shocked

So my questions What speed is high speed below 10000ft and why would they(ATC) allow it Question

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According to IVAO and CAA the indicated airspeed is limited to 250 KIAS below 10000 ft AMSL or FL 100. However, if requested and approved by ATC, higher speeds can be accepted. Exceptions are for military jets for which such a restriction is not operational (common speed for fighters is 300 KIAS for radar recovery or when executing an instrument approach - initial and intermediate legs).

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As Coolsan states it is the "rulebook" speed but in the real world it is not very often adhered to and more often than not you will hear "request high speed". So long as there are no connotations re the sound barrier you will be allowed! Always helpful when you are running late as most flightplans calculate times based on 250kts below 10k.

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Thanks Thumbs Up!
The flight must be running late

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Very interesting, I think I will alter my procedures a little bit. I'll save my speed reduction until I'm ready to capture the glidslope. You'd best be around 250 kts. ias. before you start hanging out those flaps though.

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It all depends on what you are flying. Having been fortunate enough to have flown the 732 and 752 it came to my attention that the 75 is a pig to slow down in comparison to the 73 thereforeslowing down starts earlier in the descent.

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