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So does anyone know how to alter the sound-files on planes? The Dash 8 is a beautiful plane, but for some reason the engines are 4 times louder in the cockpit than from the external view!

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Solution: Dont Know
I didn't check to see where it was just now, but there is a slider in settings for amount of cockpit sound.
Problem: Doh!
It will also affect the other aircraft.


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I have this plane too, and love it, Fly the "FlyBE" routes in it ........ I totally agree the engine sound can be deafening, considering it's the "Q Rollout" which is supposed to be the quietest Turbo-Prop in production !

I done what RM has suggested and went into the SETTINGS and SOUND menu and turned down the cockpit volume.

Have you had any troubles with the Radio (Outgoing ATC commands) and Landing Gear dying on you for no apparant reason ?

This is a bug within the add-on, but the add-on has FSUIPC on the "Modules" menu, when you're using it - if you buy a Registration Code from the Internet, you can fix the bug.

I'm enjoying a new lease of life in this fine turbo-prop, after getting this fix.

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No trouble with those things dying on me yet. I just have trouble with the autopilot from time to time. But I've only had this for 3 days, and that is what manuals are there for =). Although I'm not thrilled with the FMC, I really am enjoying the plane. It's such a different experience than that of the larger jets, and I certainly appreciate that. The overhead panel is beautifully modeled too!

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Yip - sad thing with the FMC is that so much of it is not modelled... ie, their is a VNAV button, but no way of programming it (in the way that you can on the 737NG).... but yes, best thing about this in my view is the exterior model - I think it's better than the NG's model... just gorgous. Love the VC too....

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