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ken hanson (veshagoo) Trainee fs2004 i downloaded a b737 that when i open the program up when the screen opens that shows the airplane spinning around....that screen is black.....does any one know how i can make that plane visible and working or how to delete it...i have tried for weeks to delete it...but i cant find it in the fs2004 folder..the name is unspecified boeing 737 canadian airlines...thnks for any help

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Drew B (belgeode) Chief Captain

I had that happen too when I first came up with my Steeler Air livery. Basically it is loading it up... after a couple minutes it shows up for me.

I dunno if this is what is happening with yours... but if so give it a lil time... it will show up.

Or use Skydecks 737.... I LOVE their 737s... well worth the money for em.

Hope this helps... good luck.

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If it's the only one that does that forget it.
If others do it also it can be the AA setting on an Nvidia card, set it to 2x or 4x.


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