Navigattion, comm, ADF frequencies displayed on X52 throttle

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Dear All

I have tried in vain to search for a way to add the comms & nav frequencies to my x52 throttle display.

I have tried and failed to understand the x52 profiler tool and have failed to find an adequate answer on the internet or flight sim forum.

I know it can be done, because I have seen it displayed with them on in a magazine.

Can anyone help? 😞

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I don't have the controller but I've looked thru one of it's manuals. My gut feeling is that you can't put in frequencies. It would require a connection between FS and the controller that doesn't exists. Without this connection, putting the frequency into the MFD would serve no purpose, it would be just like writing it on a piece of paper. You still have to enter the frequency manually. If you still think you should be able, contact Saitek at They should know if it's possible.

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