Saitek X52 throttle problem

blademaster Guest

i just bought FSX and the throttle for my Saitek x52 is not working right. if i have it at full throttle it acts like its at zero then if i pull it back a little the starts then stop again. its like i have to keep it moveing to work
can anyone help?

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Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain

You may have to remove the X52 software, then reinstall the X52 software. You may also want to calibrate the controls after the reinstall.

blademaster Guest

ok my throttle is working right but now my elevator are being weird. if i dont hold the stick all the way forword the plane starts to go into a vertical flight and then engine stall. can anyone help?

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Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain

Now you have to adjust the elevator trim, and also set your flight stick null to 0 so you have immediate response in your flight stick.

blademaster Guest

i try adjusting the elevator trim but i keeps going right back to 15degrees like it stuck there

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Flybaby Trainee

What are you using to adjust the elevator trims. When using the numeric keypad on the keyboard make sure that the NUM LOCK key is OFF. (Ask Microsoft why?)
If you downloaded the Saitek FS 2004.dat profile it will work (Buttons Fire A (down) and Fire B (up in MODE 1), but the NUM LOCK key still must be OFF.

Does your throttle work? Mine will not allow adjusting the throttle to idle. When the Saitek throttle arm is in its lowest position the engine is still running and only with the F2 F1 keys can it be lowered. As soon as the throttle is moved it jumps back again about 43% on the N1 control (Transition to Jets tutorial.) The plane never stops (unless the break is continuously held down, or maybe we dump all fuel!?)

Also my Parking Brake NEVER works. Not with the keyboard ( CTRL+.) not with the Saitek MODE 3 Fire A switch. I really think we should be able to sue MS just like any airplane or car manufacturer if we have an accident because of faulty breaks. They charge way too much for some shoddy application.

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