Just purchased 88000gts and..

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Hey fellow flyers!

I just picked up the Geforce 8800 gts 640 (over clocked) and was wondering if anybody out there has the same card? It's on order so it will be a few days before I get it. I heard many good things about this card.

anybody have it?

Jetman 😳

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Tom (cthiggin) First Officer

Great Card -
Have had mine for about 5 months and it has worked flawlessly.
I have mine overclocked and the 3D06 scores are great.
I'm sure you'll be very happy with it.
Note: It's massive and takes up a lot of space in the case..........but, a moot point.

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jetman35 First Officer

Thanks for the info. Yes, I heard great things about it. I recently bought a new Gateway FX with Vista so it will hold it. What kind of fps are you getting? How about the heat temp?


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faust1200 First Officer

Ya I have a BFG 8800 Ultra - Bascially the same card. Before that I had an older system and using a card with only 256vram. FSX often overfilled it - for example I would fly and ALL textures would suddenly go blurry - including the clouds. I have had a lot better sucess with the new card and quadcore CPU- I haven't had any blurries. Although when you get your card, don't judge it on FSX's performance necessarily since FSX is usually CPU limited. I would guess FSX would have least dramatic change of all your games.

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jetman35 First Officer

Thanks for the info. Yes, I know that fps are an issue and I know that this card should improve it to the point that flying will be an nice experience and having all of the bells and whistles maxed out.

I am really look ahead for DX10 to come out to bring fsx to a different level in realistic flying.


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Tom (cthiggin) First Officer

I did a post awhile back - can't find it.
Here's what I have.
XFX 680i Sli MB
Q6600 Quad
700 Watt Ultra Power Supply
ViewSonic 22 W. Screen
4 gig OCE Premium v2 Ram

My thoughts, prior to Quad install - "Boy", will the 8800GTS fix my fps problems, which were from 12 - 22 fps, and eye-candy just sucked.

WELL, the 8800 GTS helped, minimally - I "finally" understood that the FSX cpu intensity was just too much for the Single Core I was using - so made the investment in upgrading for the "future" with the Quad setup.

WELL, in summary, I'm a very happy camper now - "WITH" the help of a fine fellow simmer who walked me through overclocking my quad - great guy -

I have my Quad and GTS heavily overclocked and I am getting 29FPS at heavy sites such as LaGuardia & LAX, Vegas, etc.........and I have experience FPS's in the range of 78fps - 108 fps while flying - No blurries, no stutters, and the EYE CANDY is phenomenal.............I use xGraphics and Ultra Terrain X - which help with eye-candy with no fps hits - not promoting the products, but they work wonders for me and the eye-candy.

I know one thing for SURE - even with a quad, you still have to overclock in or to get the fps's you are trying to achieve...........FSX is just a glutton on cpu's -

I have also learned through my friend - Hey guys - a "constant" 29 FPS is "all" we for beautiful FSX experiences - you will not see any difference between a locked 29fps and an un-locked "unlimited" showing 78fps.......

I hope the SP2 (Dirx X) will help even more.

FINALLY, I just installed a Corsair Nautilus 500 Liquid Cooler to reduce the temps due to overclocking - and it's NOT enough cooling - I'm having to RMA and upgrade to a larger more expensive cooler...........but, again, I want to overclock, and heat is a by product of oc'ing.

I am very happy now and doing more flying and "tweaking".

Hope this may have helped - Not trying to discourage, but to encourage. It's a drawen out process - lots of reading, lots of tweaking, but the end-results are "most satisfying" -


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freddo Trainee

Its interesting what you mention about the Quodcore. I recently bought the XFX 8800GTX which i know is a pretty killer card but am still having issues with the frame rate. I do however have a Core 2, 2.2 and i am guessing this is the issue. Can you get away with a quod core without over clocking?
Do you have any opinions on the Intel E6850 CORE 2 DUO 3GHz/4MB CACHE/1333FSB?

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Tom (cthiggin) First Officer

Yes, you sure can get buy without overclocking -
When I first built the quad/680i set-up, the fps were very decent over my single core - 22 - 29 in general, but in heavy areas such as LAX, 12-14 -
This is why I overclocked - I wanted a steady 29fps regardless........
Of course, with the overclocking, comes heat - had to go from a Tuniq Tower 120 to a Corsair Water Cooler, which did not do the job on heat, and I will be receiving a Swiftec setup this Fri................about 250.00.....
but again, ALL due to overclocking..............................
You can go with a quad like mine, Q6600 - fairly reasonable, but make sure it's the GO version - can overclock with less heat vs. the B3 version like mine...............................see what you get without overclocking...may be just fine - and IF you need to overclock some, just watch the heat...................must have a very good HSF if air cooled.....
Again, you're buying for the "future"..................
With SP2 coming out soon, this may be the answer without the heavy overclocks.
I do NOT have all of my sliders maxed, don't have too.......but my eye-candy and performance is just "great"...................
I thinks those folks stating their getting 40-50fps with all sliders maxed, must be stretching a little, or they are so overclocked that they have their cpu's dunked in liqiud nitrogen or dry ice..........
My 3D06 scores are at around 11500.................which is pretty good......
Hope this may have helped.

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JLangevin First Officer

Hey now! My sliders ARE all the way to the right 🙂

Well, not traffic though :p

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Tom (cthiggin) First Officer

Hey friend J -
YOU,my friend, are the exception to the rule - for about 20,000 of us.......
Like you, I've strived to even come close to what has been achieved...know I can't surpass you, but with your help, what a joy I finally am experiencing.
As you know through our conversations, so "many" state the high fps's with sliders maxed, but they don't/won't tell us what they've done to their hardware.............
Hope everything is ok with your other issue.............

Stay in touch...................thanks friend,


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JLangevin First Officer

Things are going fine. All 4 branches of the military will be at his funeral, 21 gun salute, my brother in law from the USMC will be presenting the flag, and he will be burried in the National Cemetary. Will most likely be a moving event. My family is very proud of his achievements, even to this day.

As for FSX, I actually have been able to achieve 30fps with all traffic sliders to the right, but with them centered, i can still maintain 50fps if I want to, with no traffic, 100fps constant. As mentioned, I lock it at 30.

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