FS9 causing reboot... again..

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OK rather than hijack Dorianee's thread I figured I would start a new one..

I am STILL having this issue where I go to fly, take off and halfway or sometimes not even as far into it my computer seems to either go into standby mode with nothing responsive (keys mouse stick), or it will simply reboot altogether.

Here's what I have done so far:

checked for viruses (duh)
updated FS2004 to patch 9.1 which I found on the microsoft site.
updated NVidia 7300 drivers
updated and reinstalled FSPassengers
removed grab click save and replaced it with screenhunter.... which works ok btw but i still prefer GCS

Now thing I noticed... seems to only happen with FSPassengers flights... I spent all day Saturday flying my Tomcat, "the Steelercat"... and of course had no passengers with me. No crashes... no reboots.

Sunday I tried with 3 different planes to take passengers to KSFO from PIT... one flight I did not even get off the runway before it all went down. It does not happen EVERY time.... but lately it is happening A LOT now. I cannot think what is causing it... has anyone else had this issue, I need to find an answer cause it is seriously cramping my flight style here.

Check Dorianee's thread on FS9 Keeps Crashing for my system specs...

Need HELP!

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Unload FSPassengers ( a clean start would be nice).

If you do do a complete reinstall according to MS directions then fly a few days with no change from the original, not even the patch...use default aircraft.

Defrag before and after the install.

Then if it is fine add one at a time until the crashes start again.

If you installed 9.1 patch did you upgrade to the 9.1 crack, they are different and both available here.


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upgraded to the official patch 9.1, not the crack.

IS there a way to keep all my Steeler Air planes? copy the aircraft folder I guess?

And if I delete FSPassengers isn't that also going to delete the airline?

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You should have backup or copies of your special aircraft.
As for FSPassenger, I don't use it so I can't answer, I fly almost only GA.

You have the FSPass program and number so you can reinstall it.


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Just an idea: If you have onboard graphics, disable them in your bios as they can cause conflictions with your graphics card. I think that this is unlikely to be the problem but it worked for me so I thought I would suggest it.

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nah definitely not onboard graphics... i built this computer from the ground up... i know to turn that off before adding in my nvidia.

It has not happened lately... still no idea what was causing it though.

Saturday I had 6 great flights, Friday I had 3... no reboots.

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