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check this out radar, i got the TUPOLEV TU-330 in, however i cant hear the engines and theres no color, i can hear the flaps and the gear, when i unzipped it i saw no wav files was that a flaw or what do i do in this case,,,,,,thx for the help, ( im gettin closer)


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I don't know which you have I would need the zip and the site where you downloaded it, a link to the page would help if possible.
If I can get it I'll try it out. Help!
There doesn't have to be a sound file, just a sound cfg then it will alias (pick up) the sound of another aircraft in your main folder.
As for the "color" missing you must a have moved the texture folder out of the TUPOLEV's folder. Nope


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what do u mean by (out of the TUPOLEV's folder) where do i creat it, and exactly what link do u need ,,,,,thx Idea is this it ?

todd777@sbcglobal.net email me if ya want

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Thanks for the exact link, it makes life easier.
You have 1 folder TU330fe, click that and you have folder TU330FE. Note the difference in the letters fe. The first is a wrapper, the second (11.9mb) contains the aircraft that you put into your main aircraft folder.
Discard the first (empty) folder after loading the aircraft.
As you see I had the panel in both window and full (this is full) and the textures.
Nice looking aircraft although the paintjob could have been sharper, not GMAX I imagine.


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