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after adding some aircrafts and panels, I am facing an odd problem now: In cockpit view I don´t see any 2D panels anymore. The odd thing is, when I switch to window mode (ALT+ENTER), the 2D panel shows, but when I switch to fullscreen, they disappear.

Any idea? I don´t want to do a complete re-install Sad

Regards, Markus

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I've read that some are having that problem after loading the new patch from MS.
Make sure that they are 2004 (FS9) aircraft.


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I just did a little hunting and came up with this, see if it pertains to you, Drivers first!

It may be the drivers you have installed for your graphics card. Several of the NVidia drivers caused this problem.
The only other issue would be with the FS9.1Update. It replaces the display.cfg file with an updated file located in your flight simulator 9 folder.

First try a different graphics adapter driver with FS9 unpatched to see if the problem is corrected. Once corrected, install the update and see if the problem recurs. If so, try using the file from the flight simulator 9\BACKUP folder after renaming the new display.cfg to display.NEW. Copy to your flight simulator 9 folder and rename it display.cfg.


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Thanks for this fast replies, they helped a lot!

Yes, I did the 9.1 patch today and I have a NVIDIA card.

I copied the "display.cfg" from the BACKUP directory and the panel works! Further research showed, that in this file the entry

; NVIDIA on WinXP/2K

has to be set to "1" and it works.

Pretty good forum here!

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Hey, super, glad it worked. If it didn't then I didn't have the faintest Idea of what else to do short of a reinstall.
We appreciate your telling us so we can help others.
Thanks for liking the forum, we all, members included like to help.
See you back soon!


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