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Jetway problems

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Iv downloaded some fs2004 aircrafts and made them compatable with fsx, but when i try to connect the jetway with Ctrl + J , It dosnt work, I then tryed it with a defult fsx aircraft and then it worked

Anyone elce had this problem and manages to fix it ?

If yes could you please tell me what it is


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Sometimes I wish people would take the time to search, but than again I like to help people. Here you go.


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mdaskalos wrote:

Forgive me for veering the thread momentarily back on topic, but I did get my problem fixed.

I had to go into the aircraft.cfg file of the add-on plane that was giving me the problem and tinker with the section marked [exits]. I changed a few values (basically, changing the values of the coordinates where FSX "finds" your main exit, and a couple of other factors), then it was just a matter of adjusting the numbers until the jetway came to the plane precisely at the location of the main exit. The first few cuts at it missed by several feet.

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mdaskalos wrote:

jellrod wrote:
WOuld you care to share what the add on aircraft was, as well as what the new tinkered coordinates are?

Sure. I had sort of thought no one was interested. This is for Wilco/Feel There's B777:

exit.0 = 0.25, 67.5, -8.75, 8.25, 0

I've shot from the hip a bit there, because I'm not at my FSX computer, but those numbers will get you in the ball park. The three numbers in the center are the main one: "67.5" is the "X coordinate" the distance (in feet, apparently) the main exit is forward of a point (perhaps the rear wheels). A bigger number makes the jetway attach further forward on the plane. "-8.75" is the "Y coordinate", the distance left or right of the plane's centerline (negative apparently being left). The jetway WILL go into your plane or stop wide of it depending on this number. "8.25" Is the "Z coordinate", the height above ground the jetway attaches.

I did some playing with the final number at the end, hoping it adjusted the angle at which the jetway attaches (because the body has started its taper to the nose at the main exit of a B777), but I couldn't get it to do anything positive.

I suppose by tinkering with the numbers, you could make the jetway attach to any point on the plane you want. Just park it within the jetway's reach.

Hope this helps


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I was just getting ready to resurrect that one myself. Can't fault airbourne too much, though - I mean, enter a search for "jetway" and see the glut of stuff that comes up.


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