Phantom Push-Back

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Never had anything like this to happen before - I landed at an airport that I fly into alot, taxied to gate, stopped engines, Cntl+J to activate jetway. When jetway finished its cycle, all of a sudden, I started being pushed back - I could NOT stop it with Shift+P, or Pausing the game - It pushed me about a mile, running thorough houses and buildings before I finally closed FSX. I was just watching the jetway finish, hands were not even close to keyboard to have accidentally "hit a key" - Anyone ever have a crazy thing like this happen before?
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Might be just a silly bug, if it happens more then once, you might start to worry. If this is the only time you encountered it, I wouldn't think to much about it.

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Did you have your slew mode on?

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Tom (cthiggin) First Officer

Not in slew mode - was ready to exit flight after jetway finally finished docking. I was just watching it and enjoying the views - hand were on lap, no where near the was something to be pushed about a mile and through buildings and houses - and not being able to stop it - I even started engines and with full thrust - still moved backwards - If I hadn't exited FSX, I probably would be somewhere in China, still being pushed - Kinda amusing, BUT I'm a obsessive-compulsive and "always" want things to work "right" - Of course, FSX has humbled me quite a bit. Thanks so much for your interest and reply.

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