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Ok this is something that has been happening for a while: Whenever I taxi, the plane will turn slightly to the left. I use the rudder to correct it and I manage ok, but it looks messy. It is especcially irritating when I am taking off because it means that I can't get a straight run, and I always end up climbing at a bearing of about -010 from the runway, resulting in inaccurate circuits and messy flying to correct it.

I cant for the life of me figure out the problem. I dont think it is happening once I am in the air, or else it is much less noticeable and I am using rudder trim to correct it. I have a twist joystick and auto rudder is not selected, nor as far as I can tell is the left brake being applied. It happens in every aircraft I fly.

I thankyou in advance for your help,

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For a moment I thought it could be taht one of your thrust levers is not aligned with the other, but when you said it happens on evry aircraft you left me stranded. Sorry, no clue whatsoever! 😞

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Try recalibrating your joystick, that should work 😉

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First off... what kinda joystick you using there bud?

If it is an X-52, then check your rotating buttons (around the E and i buttons)

Those are also trims for both rudder and aileron by default... if they are anywhere but zero you will be zigging and zagging... I found that out the hard way.

If you do NOT have a Saitek X 52.... ignore everything I just typed.

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What plane is it?
Prop planes will always pull to the left or right depending on what way the props spin. You need to correct the pull with opposite rudder or by turning off gyro drift in the settings.

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My joystick is a saitek av8r. It is perfectly calibrated.
I think that doyley has the problem. I have been only flying props for a while now, although I wouldnt have though the turn would have been quite so severe. I will try turning off drift and post the results.

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I opened up the realism window and found that my gyro drift wasnt on. I tried a flight with it on, and then aircraft turned to the right. I tried a flight without it and the aircraft turned to the left. Does anyone know what might be the problem?

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Gyro drift pertains to the drift of the unslaved heading indicator such as in the Cessna 172. In the Flight Model area, Torque and P Factor are the settings that will effect the realistic left turning tendencies. You can leave Gyro drift off.

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No one has mentioned any effect from the wind. Do you have a standard weather pattern "cranked in"? Is there any wind and is it straight down the runway or from one side or the other? A plane taxiing will tend to turn, "weathercock", into a given wind.

I had trouble with a wireless joystick - Medion by brand but I don't know who made it for them - AND a new computer in which the five volt supply was failing. As the five volts "faded" to zero, the plane would turn in tighter and tighter turns to the right. I notified the computer maker and they sent a new tower to replace the old one. Problem solved - but Mossy's problem seems not quite the same. That's why I asked about the wind.

I agree strongly with CRJ that gyro drift has NOTHING to do with the plane turning in any direction, normally or otherwise. Gyro drift is the gyro remaining constant while the earth goes by underneath it - an effect for which we must compensate in normal, real flight as we fly from east to west or west to east. The gyro's reference is space itself.

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There is no waind as fas as I know. It happens when the weather is set on fair and when it is set on mjor thunderstorm. I dont think that it is a problem with the power supply either.

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That your plane turns while taxiing, and that the wind *probably* isn't the problem, still bothers me.

I'm not familiar with your Saitek joystick except that I just looked at some reviews of it. I was trying to find out if it had any trim sliders. I couldn't tell from the reviews.

I had trim sliders - little sliding switch-like thingies - on some of my earlier joysticks. They were intended to compensate for exactly the problem you described. From time to time I had trouble getting them set to "null". They seemed very sensitive and if not nulled they would cause the plane to turn, or to gradually change course, unless I got them set just so. Could this or something like it be the source of your problem?

Have you backed off "P Factor" and torque effects on the "Realism" page? Those might be causing your problem.

Finally, if you solve this, please let us know what the solution was.

Good luck!

(And thanks to CRJ Captain for fixing the picture of my favorite plane over the Finger Lakes of NY State!)


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