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If you guys dont mind, I have two questions about taxiing for you.

1. When you touch down, and slow, how do you know which taxiway
to turn to, and in which direction. Everytime I land, I go onto one
of the taxiways, only to find out that I was supposed to go the other way. How can I solve this.

2. How do you know when to turn. I switch on the progressive taxi and all, but for example, lets say I have to turn left to get onto the runway with a 737, How do I know when to turn and with how hard to turn. I'm never able to turn properly, so that I'm directly in the center. Thanks and Happy Flying

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In real life ATC usually would suggest "Next taxiway on the right" for example but you would also have a "plate" with all the taxiways on as some airports are rather complex...sometimes takes longer to taxi to the gate than it did to fly the route!

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As PH said ATC will turn you around after you exit the runway, mainly, the point is to get off of the runway quickly so that otehrs can land on it as well.

How to turn....Now, this is very difficult to explain, and it's different for each aircraft, but in the 737, look using the NUMPAD 9 or 7 keys. this will give you a corner type view, so you can see out the window in the direction you want to turn. 7 is left, 9 is right. Don't start to turn right away, let the nose come out onto the runway a bit, maybe 7 feet or so, then turn it gently. You won't be able to see the runway, cause the plane is higher off the ground, but thast a good thing, because if you can see the runway as you turn, that means you're turning too early. Start turning it gently, but if it seems you're too far off, (Use the NUMPAD keys, but make sure NUM-LOCK is on!!!!) then turn more aggressively. It's a matter of getting a "Feel" for how to do it. I've been flying the same type of sim craft (757-200) for round 200 hours now, and in the last 50, i'd say i've been able to turn smoothly and how I want to. It just takes practice!

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My opinion only
When I land as soon as my taxi speed allows I pull off the runway to make it clear for the AC following me in the landing pattern.
In the game if you are using ATC ,Ground control will make a red lind to take you to the parking spot you chuse.
If you are not using ATC the choice is up to you,

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As FEM states it is just a case of getting a feel for quite when to turn but it really depends what you fly. In a previous life I was a caterer loading the food on the planes and drove about in a big, long, truck which actually helped me as I could use this in flying. Just remember your pivot point is in the MLG (main landing gear) which can anything from under you in a cessna to 50+ feet behind you....something that in my experience cannot be taught.

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Thanks for all of the advice on turning, but I think I should have worded the first part of my question a little better. Lets say I land in Heathrow, I slow down to taxi speed, and then, I turn left, cause its the first taxiway I can get on to. Once I'm off the runway, I'm switched to ground control, but they tell me to taxi to gate 39 (for example). I turn on the progressive taxi, and find out that instead of turning left from the runway, I should have turned right to get to my gate faster. This scenario always irritates me. Is there anyway to know which taxiway to turn to ahead of time? Thanks a lot.
P.S: I understand that in real life, the tower tells you which way to turn, right?

Thanks and HAPPY FLYING!!!

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You won't know which way to taxi in the sim because you have to request taxi to either the gate or parking or active runway. In the real world, this would be worked out earlier on.

The sim looks for your aircraft leaving the runway before it give the menu to choose where you want to taxi to. thats why it dont work

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The real rules state that- An aircraft upon landing should exit the nearest taxiway as safety/company policy permits. This is so that the runway is as clear as possible for other ops. One can request using a particular taxiway from the controller etc. Also another runway is not a taxiway unless specified by an official source.

So, unless you have permission/direction otherwise, you are to exit the nearest taxiway consistant with your ops.

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