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hinch Chief Captain

i crashed today landing a 737, i had a 21knot crosswind and i just couldnt keep it aligned with the runway.

fortunately i saved and i've been practising. lining up to the right and letting the wind push me over hopefully to the runway.

eventually i did manage to get one down realy well, perfectly on the the glidescope but one wheeled mm..

just wondered what tips people had for a crosswind, the rudder didn;t really seem to help, and banking keeps in line, but hitting the runway at an


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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Hey Hinch,

Using the rudder should help a lot, and don't forget to use the rudder trim if the wind is constant so you can concentrate on aligning yourself with the runway.

Try not to bank too much, because as you said , you will hit the runway with one side of the aircrafts gear, possibly damaging or collapsing it.

If you are using rudder, at about 50 feet above the runway, make sure you center the rudder so you don't land at an angle to the runway or again, you could burst tyres or damage the gear Fear The same goes for using bank. When you are 50 feet above the runway, make sure you reduce bank to make for a smoother landing as possible. Don't do this too high or you will centre the controls and then the wind will push you off course again Nope

Good luck 😉

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Martin (Blake14) First Officer

That's exactly what I wanted to say, but I'd like to add that landing on the side gears is no problem at all. In real life, they are strong enough to hold the aircraft's weight, so one of the techniques is to land while correcting for crosswind with a bank.

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WarHawk42 Captain

Think of flying a course in a cross wind, you have to adjust your heading to get where you want to go. Landing in a crosswind is no different. Adjust you heading to compensate for the cross wind. Looking out the nose the plane will appear to be going to one side or the other, but in reality the plane is crabbing towards the runway. When you flair for your landing kick in enough rudder to line the plane up with the runway and you may also have to use a little opposite aileron to keep the wings level. If all goes well it's a perfect landing.

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hinch Chief Captain

i've got crabbing down to a tee in my fokker 70 or 100, but the 737-800 is driving me nuts. they're not exactly hugely different in size so it's a bit annoying.

oh well, more practise.

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WarHawk42 Captain

All planes are affected by crosswinds, why that doesn't work with the 737 I don't know.

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