Landing 737 in crosswind

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Hi Guys,

How can I make landing in a crosswind easier. Is it to do with Rudders? I only use a yoke.

I bought rudder pedals but only used them once and they seemed to do weird things, pulling to the sides due to the brakes.

I suppose i could dissable the brake function and use them only for rudder.

Would this make crosswind landings easier? You really have to wrestle the yoke to land with a strong wind!

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Use your heels only for the rudders. Your toes for the brakes.

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I usually use a combination of rudder and aileron. Rudder to point the nose into the direction of the wind to 'crab' into the wind to keep the ground track at a desired level. I use the aileron, to tip the wing slightly down into the direction of the oncoming wind. It means that wind cannot get under the tipped wing so creates less lift so the crosswind is less effective - this is especially important for gusts of wind, as a powerful gust can throw you off course quickly.

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