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Cessna 337

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scab12 First Officer

I need alot of help,
I really want a good cessna 337 with a full VC and custom panel, Moving parts, ect., you know the works.
I don't have any money though so i need it to be freeware.

Thanks in advance.

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RadarMan Chief Captain
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cheezyflier Captain

i have downloaded those versions, and they aren't that good. mike stone makes one that is so-so, but no vc, and the 2-d panel comes from a 172.
there is a payware one out there, but i haven't bought it yet. the 337 is the coolest cessna ever made, and i don't understand why there isn't more interest in it. i do have a buddy working on some textures for me, to turn the mike stone model into steven king's "nightflyer" but he's working for free so i can't ask him to hurry. even then, like i said, no vc.
if someone finds a good model, please post it, i am interested as well.

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Fredericia01 First Officer

Here´s a site for you to have a look at 😀

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cheezyflier Captain

i have tried that one also. it's not even as good as the mike stone one.
but thanks

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hinch Chief Captain

FSD make a very very good one, but you say you have no money so you're out of luck I'm afraid. There's a lot of great freeware general aviation aircraft.

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