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If anybody could help me i like to play online in fsx but i dont realy know how to follow the taxiway signs to get to your rwn.
Also nobody can hear me talk in any sesion i have my mic set up and everything but knowone can hear me.

Thanks 😀

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The runway signs are Red with White Lettering. THe Location sign which is the taxi way your on is a black square inside a small thin yeller square with yellow lettering. Direction signs which leads to the taxi way you can go on is yellow with black lettering. Destination signs are yellow backround and black lettering ex: black INTL with a yellow backround. Runway Distance Remaining Signs are white lettering with black backrounds.

Examples of each:

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If you are using ATC, hit #3, and it'll show arrows to your rwy you need to take off too.

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Yes n7xlq1 is right you can do proggresive taxi sorry if I misspelled that but it is a dotted pink line showing you right to the runway.

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