running FSX and FS9 on the same machine

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Are any of you doing this?
I have FSX running very nicely on a new machine I just built a couple of weeks ago.

But I would really like to use my PMDG 737, so was planning to install FS9 as well.
I would not install to 'C' but obviously a load of FS9 files are going to go to 'C' no matter where I install it.

Only one hard drive in the machine at the moment.

Just wondering if installing both of them could cause problems or conflicts.

Any advice or hints appreciated...

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viper040 Trainee

No it won't.

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Cheeks Chief Captain

No, well, it shouldn't. Just make sure you have suffecient space and you will be fine. I'm running both and I have no problems 😉

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Michael_H First Officer

Thanks Guys.. 😉

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