FS9 continues to crash!

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Hi everyone,

Can someone please help me??
FS9 is turning me mad, it keeps on crashing in the middle of every flight and it returns my computer to the desktop. Because of this issue I cannot do a single flight completely.
I read about other people with the same issue, so I went to my computer dealer and had my computer all cleaned up and instructed to these people, however the same issue continues.
I have one of the latest Invidia Graphics Card, I tried to reduce Quality and increase Performance but to no avail, the FS continues to crash.
I only have ActiveSky installed and Fsscreen to capture screenshots, I even tried to close these programs but the problem continues.
Recently I have downloaded quite a number of airport sceneries, could this be the culprit??
Now I am confused and don't know what to do.
My computer has a 3Gigabyte memory.
Please can you give me some advice because now I am thinking of not using FS9 anymore.

Thank you.

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If you can face it, try completely uninstalling fs9 and all the addons, then cleaning the registry, then reinstalling. Perhaps try installing the addons 1 by 1 and doing a flight after each one to find if any of them are making the game crash.
Good luck.

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This has been raised before and I recently replied but for some reason I cannot find the thread to follow it up. My reply is also missing from my "reply history" so I guess the thread has been officially removed for whatever reason.

OK, FS9! I had the same problem - a crash to desktop with no warning or error message. Incidentally, I've had the same proble with another piece of software completely unrelated to FS9.

It happened several times and it prompted me to unistall then reinstall FS9. This I have to say DID NOT cure the problem.

In my case I found that it occured over a particular area of geography (near Nice) and happened whilst at altitude on each occasion. I have avoided the area and it didn't recur.

I put it down, rightly or wrongly, to a damaged scenery file as it ahs not happened since.

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This has happened to me before too. I solved it BY MY SELF !

Solution: Try to lower your FPS to 20-25 -30 in the settings of the game. It doesnt really matter if you ue AA or AS so its fine. Set your video card on High performence and not high quality to let you game have more FPS.

Another thing is, if you fly with 100% traffic, lower it to 85% or 80%.

Graphics settings could be on high so dont worry, This should work.

It works for me so I hope it will helps for you too. My FPS currently is 25 pretty low, but I tried 70 and for me doesnt make a difference honeslty.
So try that if not come here and tell us whats happening if not working, we will find solution. 😉

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I thank you all my friends for your advices, I will do as you say and will let you know whether the problem has been solved or not.

Thanks again folks

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It sounds like overheating (clean all the dust out of the case, especially the heatsink).
It could also be a poor low power supply but my bet is on overheating.


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Yeah i had that problem too... i installed winxppro and knock on wood. no crashes. I was using win2000pro.

Also I clean my computer regularly to avoid overheating issues. That too helps.

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