FS2004 & Vista?

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Hey all 😀

Just got a quick question for anyone who can help me out here..

Just bought a new PC, which is running Vista Home Premium (i believe it's the 32-bit one!) and has a Radeon X1650 SE Video Card fitted.

It's a dual core Pentium (i forget how to check the speed - sorry) and has 2GB of ram.

FS2004 installs no problem at all, and has an unbelievably quick framerate. However, when you click 'Fly Now' and the loading screen appears, a window with the following error message appears:

"Scenery read error. Attempthing to open a nonexistent directory. Click OK to continue."

When you click ok, the flight loads, but most of the scenery has not loaded, instead replaced by vast expanses of light blue.

I'd have thought that a brand new PC would be able to handle running FS2004 at full details without a problem. Is it a problem to run FS2004 on Vista?

All help greatly appreciated, as I've given up trying to get FSX to install on either the old pc, or this new one. Bought FSX in June, have yet to play it!



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A new PC will often have outdated software drivers.

1. Make sure that Vista is updated via the Microsoft website.
2. Update the driver for your video card.
3. Update the driver for your CD drive. Use a CD ROM drive for installation instead of a CD/DVD writer drive.
4. Remove and reinstall Flight Simulator 2004.

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Thanks for the reply.

I already tried updating the display drivers from the ATI website, and this PC only has a CD/DVD-RW, no plain CD Drive.

I don't think it's hardware, just a program glitch - it doesn't seem to be able to locate the scenery folders or something.

I've attached an in-game screenshot for you to show what is happening. The blue you can see is all around every airport at about a 30 mile radius.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks CRJCapt,

That has sorted the problem! Surprised

I wonder if FSX will install following the same steps? hmmmm Twisted Evil

Thanks again for your help!


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