FS2004 Problem With Windows Vista...

k_camacho11 Guest

I installed FS2004 in Vista and noticed that the game has a problem. When u run the game through a maximized window view, the buttons and display doesn't work properly. You switch views and it won't show the new view and stay on the same one...also u can adjust the altitute autopilot and increase the altitude but it wont show it neither. The only way it works is if u press ALT+ENTER and maximize the window completely to a FULL SCREEN mode but then the graphics look horrible like if u were playing from WINDOWS 95 or something. Why does this problem occur with Vista when FS2004 ran fine with Windows XP?

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air-head Guest

From the little I understand, I think the majority of the problems are related to video/graphics card drivers.

k_camacho11 Guest

This is the 2nd computer with Windows Vista that I've tried playing FS2004 in and has the SAME problem. I think that maybe Windows Vista isn't fully compatible with FS2004.

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