Has anyone got ACTIVE SKY 6? i need help!

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has anyone else got active sky 6?

I just downloaded it today, because i wanted more wheather dynamics. ie MORE TURBULENCE BABY! but i just don't really see any difference in this and what i had before?

I have got the AS graohics and AS main programs open, i minamize them to the system tray then open FS2004.

There are so many options to choose from. In the graphics option i have enable ASG auto-submit checked. and everything else unchecked. Is this correct?
In active sky graphics i have all the themes set to WX influenced. Is this correct?

i then do a search in wx finder, for heavy thunderstorms and heavy perciption. I then fetch a report from that airport and it says Percip heavy rain, overcast etc. i then go to the airport in fs2004 and take off from that airport, but the plane just doesn't move around in the severity of the storm, is this correct?

If anyone has this add on and can clarify if everything i'm doing is right? i would be grateful! cheers

i also have active camera, and can't get that to work, but i won't go into that!

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Take a look here...........



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