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I am currently using the Radar Contact software and for anyone who has it you will know that you can't do push back properly because when you press 1 or 2 it selects an ATC option. How can I incorperate a push back feature into my panel?

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I do not have that software but how I get around it is I choose ATIS when I am ready to pushback, then do my pushback, THEN select ground to get my taxi clearance.

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You could always add a gauge to your panel, plenty to choose from: ➡

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nottobe Captain

You can re-assign keys to RC radio comm.... I added the control key to the number. Say, for number 1 and 2, I use control-1 and control-2, leaving 1 and 2 for pushback. since I pass the radio to copilot as soon as I start to taxi, an extra control key doesnt bother me at all......

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