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I realise microsoft flight 2004 will not have sparkling performance on a laptop but will it be okay on a Pentium III 700MHz with 128Mb memory and 10GB hard disk.
It's a refurbished IBM Thinkpad T20 but before I buy I was hoping to check the flight options out.
The laptop will be fine for my work so Flight 2004 is a bonus.


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If I see how it runs on my desktop; P4 3.06 - 1024 RAM with FX5200 (128MB) (far from perfect - Im nearly sure I am demanding too much from my vid_card lol) I sincerely doubt it will be "flyable" ... on a 700mhz cpu and 128 ram laptop Embarassed

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If you had 512mb it would run at less than default settings on that machine but with 128mb I wouldn't bother.
Pick up 2002 and see how that does Dont Know , it's much less graphic intensive than 2004.

Here is where you can get it free with rebates.


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has anyone taken their laptop on a real flight and flown the same flight on your laptop?

Blink Woah, that's hard to think about.

Smokeyone Guest

Thanks for the advice. I have researched other laptops (more money) but better specs, both refurbished.........

Pentium III 800 MHz
256mb Sdram
20gb Hard drive

Celeron 1.2GHz
128mb RAM or 256mb available for extra money
20gb Hard Drive
SIS 630ST graphics

Is the Celeron especially going to be a lot better.......
Thanks again

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The Celeron is the slowest of the Intel chips, it was built for the "economically" minded buyer.

XP-Home alone takes 128mb to run. What's that going to leave you on those machines your looking at.

If your looking to buy a used notebook it better be refurbished or from the manufacturer (Dell, Gateway) with a long guarantee.
Buying one from an individual is inviting trouble, what if it was mishandled by them, no recourse. Just my opinion.

Notebooks also have very poor on-board video cards and usually sound cards. If your looking at those older models they can be very low quality, 32mb or less.

You would be better off in the long run getting a refurbished Dell or Gateway desktop without a monitor and use your old one.


Smokeyone Guest

Thanks for the advice. I need to get a laptop anyway, Flight was just a bonus but it looks like if Flight is not going to work on any inexpensive laptop then I can get almost any model.



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