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Hello to all,

I am unable to create a flight in New Zealand because this country
is not listed in the country field of the "Go to airport" window.

That means there is something wrong in my files, but I am unable
to find what is causing this.

Has anyone had such a problem and found a solution?



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Look closer, it's there. I just verified that I have it. You may have to reinstall FS 2004 if you truely don't have New Zealand.

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Cheeks Chief Captain

Try type in the airport ID and see what happens. For Auckland it is NZAA 😉

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You've probably already checked but just in case check your scenery library for Oceania to see if it is enabled.

If you select an airport in Fiji, say, can you pan south on map view and see any airports or navaids in NZ?

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jccampagna Trainee

Thank you CRJCapt, Cheeks and renesis for your help.

I checked my scenery library for Oceania and it is enabled.

While flying over any area of New Zealand I don't see any airports
or navaids on map view.

Typing NZAA as airport ID in the "Go to airport" window sends me at
NY97, New York, USA (because of alphabetic ordering of the world list).

The solution may be to reinstall FS2004 as CRJCapt suggests.
This is a big job, after years of ADD-ONs. I was hoping for a "fix"
that someone might have used in such a situation.

Best regards,


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Cheeks Chief Captain

Before you re-install, save add-ons to a disc, and re-install, that way, when you start fresh, you can put them all back on 😉

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