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How do you turn off the engine? I do auto shut down but i is still on. I need to know this because i am trying to get the jetway open i have down loaded the list of controls but it doesn't say.

PS: I have cargo doors open and regular doors open.

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pull up the throttle controls from a NEW View -> Aircraft -> throttles.

then pull them back. You can also do this in VC mode.

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you can also assign a new key (or a combination of keys) to shut the engines down.

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The easiest way is to press Control+Shift+F1. The engines with shut off completely.

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Orion (ollyau) First Officer

I believe to turn the engine(s) off, the default command is "Ctrl+Shift+F1" all at the same time (do not press +)

Hope this helps


EDIT: Sorry, just noticed this info was already posted

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Thanks everyone

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