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747 Engine Loss Event over Michigan

Boeing.... Our struts take a licking and keep on ticking.

ROMULUS, Mich. (AP) -- A cargo plane from Chicago landed safely at
Detroit Metropolitan Airport early Thursday after losing an engine that may
have landed in Lake Michigan.
Federal Aviation Administration officials in Chicago say a Kalitta Air
LLC jet took off from O'Hare International Airport late Wednesday. It was
bound for New York's Kennedy International Airport when it reported
mechanical problems with one of its engines when it was 15 miles east of
Battle Creek.
The Boeing 747-100 was diverted to Detroit Metro in Romulus, where it
landed without incident. No one was injured.
When the plane landed, flight officials discovered the engine not only
was a mechanical loss, but was physically gone, the FAA said.
It was believed to have been lost over Lake Michigan, but law
enforcement officials were searching the Battle Creek area as well.
The National Transportation Safety Board was leading the
investigation, and the FAA was lending support.
Kalitta is based in Ypsilanti and offers worldwide air freight
Airplane is a 747 converted to freighter (with side cargo door).
Part of the engine remains attached at the aft engine mount.

The airplane was climbing thru 18,000 ft after departure from ORD.
The crew "sensed an event" but there were no abnormal indications
in the flight deck (prior to the event).
An on-board mechanic went and looked out the window and saw the
No.1 engine gone.
The airplane diverted to Detroit with an uneventful landing.
The engine is suspected to be in Lake Michigan. Data from initial
ground inspection
The engine departed the pylon (the pylon is still attached to the
The separation is near some welds that are discolored
Part of the outboard LE slat was damaged/missing (See attached

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

How the hell can an airplane just lose an engine!!!!??? 😳

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PH First Officer

I was wondering what that was that landed on my house!!

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Fear Its not the 1st time a 747 has "lost" an engine, or for that matter any aircraft
I dont think its happened to any of the other Boeings or Airbus,but the old MDs started to loose the quite often 😳

Pro Member Chief Captain
Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Hmmm, must be quite scary if you are a passenger looking out of the window and the engine drops off the wing......

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Vin4evr First Officer

how does the plane balance on 3 engine and the weight?

Pro Member Chief Captain
tomthetank Chief Captain

If its a pax aircraft,move everybody to the other side of the aircraft 😂

They would adjust the power outout of the remaining engines to maintain course,but as for weight adjustment Dont Know (move/dump fuel??)

Pro Member Chief Captain
tomthetank Chief Captain

Found this about the MD DC10 ➡

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leadfoot First Officer

I'm sure the boys at Boieng thought about a complete engine loss situation when they designed the 747. Hell the plane is so damned big I doubt the pilots felt much more than that they lost engine power on the port wing, of course I'm sure all the engine guages for that engine went nuts.

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