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Hey, I just wanted to ask, in real life, doesn't the Tower instruct the aircraft on whether to slow down, and how fast to decend, i dont know if this is true, and if it is, i dont know if it is only in IFR flight, or both (VFR). Please help. If what I'm saying is right, why doesnt the simulator do it.

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It is normally "approach" that would request speeds and expedition of climbs/descents etc as it is them that sequence the aircraft and "funnel" them for the tower to land. Once you are talking to tower under IFR then you will be on the ILS or whatever procedure you are doing. Tower may request you slow down or speed up or expedite clearing the runway but it is usually approach.
Under VFR I have been given "best speed to final" by tower on several occassions due to faster inbound traffic behind me. In controlled airspace ATC either tower or approach can request what they want in order to maintain seperation and make everything flow better. In a terminal control area it is unlikely you will be high enough to warrant descending at anything above 1500fpm GPWS warnings will be heard most probably if you descend much faster!

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