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im now just answering some quistens you asked me in a pb
so i had al mail that some one ordered fs9 and ask me what for addons etc.

first of al i dont have a brillant pc or something its just the configuration

i have real enviroment and nothing else to get my fs9 textures (i may go to tweak my fs) but the addons are all payware i dont fly default anymore and with a normal/good pc you can get a really nice fs.
you can go to your ati or nvidea center, you can find it rightdown in the iconbalk
so dubble click on it and you can configure your settings
if you have a low pc you must set everything to about close to performance.
and if you have a normal pc set everything in the middle
good pc everything in the middle but for the best perfomance set your anti aliasing( in fs this wil take the smooth effect DONT SET IT ON on YOUR FS9SETTINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
and then you can see whats the best for your settings .
i use fraps to capture screens and i save them on png format in photoshop or a other program i set them to jpg for you guys so it loads a lot quiker.

i prefer myself pmdg(Eats fps(frames per second)

project opensky its for free.
CLS payware (can handle with a normal pc)
and some little general aviation aircrafts like the cessna or dornier or katana or that kind of thing:
digital aviation
flight1 its all payware but then you have really nice aircrafts.

i can explain here about anti aliasing or other grapich things but then it would hard to understand cause im dutch and some words i cant translate into englisch.
but just go and take a look at your controll panel for your grapich card (
most of the time its ati/nvidea its just what you may have.

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haha okay then it was helping nobody

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Can you list your specs ❓

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