737-300 on fsx?

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Can anyone help?
Is it possible to download a 737-300 on fsx with all the new features that are offered by fsx, such as virtual cockpit, right hand seat views and use of the fmc etc?

I downloaded the air new zealand 737-'300' but it appears to have a ng cockpit view however I would like the 'classic' view.

Thanks for any help.

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Hi there is a new version of a b737-300 from www.wilcopub.com for FSX ,
it i call 737 pilot in command X and i believe it has the classic cockpit with all the FSX features. You also get the 400 and 500 models as well.
This looks like a quality product and i think i will add this my fleet as i am also looking for a good 737. I mainly fly the big jets like Level D 767 and PMDG 747.

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Thanks for that Llain, looks like PIC is a good option

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hi i just downloaded this plane from www.justflight.co.uk website and the upgrade is free from FS9 to FSX, if you want this vista version it is only £5
which is great value.This only applies if you bought 737 pilot in command from justflight not wilco i think.
It is well worth checking that your FS9 planes can be upgraded for free or at discount prices.
It was your post that got me looking for the 737 so thank you i now have a good plane for shorthaul flights.

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sorry the website is www.justflight.com

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