I want to learn how to fly helicopters.

TimTim Guest

Hey everyone

I have been flying planes for a while in flight simulator. I love planes, and there very easy to handle once you get the hang and there is no severe weather conditions

But I now want to learn how to fly a helicopter in Flight Simulator. Why?? Because planes are quite slow over short distances but helicopters aren't. But there the best thing is that helicopters can be landed almost on any flat surface (within reason) but this only applies if you can land it properly Embarassed

I find there isn't a lot of place to learn in Flight Simulator, not lessons, and the learning centre article isn't fabulous, and some parts of it is hard to understand (alot of terms used that you wouldn't have heard of flying planes)

Now my landings are the worst bit. I find it very hard to land properly. I know that it involves hovering just before you touch the ground, but hovering is easier said than done unfortunatly. Alot of the time I hit the ground too fast and the helicopter topples forward (yes, I know, sounds terrible) or sometimes if I try to get it so I doesn't move (veritically) it'll move forward (horizontally) and I will overshoot the Heli pad (or building Wink).

Oh and hovering is made much harder by the fact that I have the [url="http://www.saitek.ru/other/st90/Itog_Big/013.jpg"]Saitek ST90 Joystick[/url] (note the digital throttle, it has five settings [off, one quarter, one half, three quarters, full])

I am however getting a new joystick soon, but I would still like to learn how to fly [or just land] a helicopter properly

Thanks for the help in advance

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Here are two sites


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Sam (SamIntel) Captain

When learning to fly a Helicopter don't use the Bell Jet Ranger, it is alot harder that the other one. Use the 2 seater Robinson.

TimTim Guest

SamIntel wrote:

When learning to fly a Helicopter don't use the Bell Jet Ranger, it is alot harder that the other one. Use the 2 seater Robinson.

I think you have a good point there

On trying the Robinson is a lot easier to hover (but still not perfect, believe me). But I think the Robinson is more unstable in the air than the Bell, but I'm sure I'll get used to it

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