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I'd really like to learn how to fly jets well. Are there any jets that are good to learn in (from downloads)?

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I am by no means an expert but I've been told that according to eyewitness accounts I've been spotted to fly bats and even brooms...

Now if you were to specify what kind of jets you're intending to pilot, I might be able to give you a pointer. Oh... the ones that spring to mind are BJs or Airliners or Mil. jets.

If you're into brooms, I'm you're man 😛

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I can easily fly the mil jets. I'm just looking to be able to fly jumbo jets easily.

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In that case I'd suggest you fly the 737s first. They are more forgiving, you've got more flaps to play with and they slow down quicker.
Once you're comfortable with the 737s you can tackle the 747s. Personally, I'd skip the 777s.

In addition, use the default Microsoft a/c. Though they are the least 'realistic', they are the easiest to learn IMO. You want to forget about the AP to begin with, get some stick-time first - in other words, fly everything by hand, from take-off to touch down.
Don't add to your workload unnecessarily by taxiing from and to the gates and flying in bad weather... you want to practice the flying basics. Just do short hops, don't fly above 12000 feet and try flying according to the basic rules such as not flying faster than 250 below 10000ft, and when you get more comfortable, pay attention to the recommended speed for the different flap settings.
Don't use ATC, use the map and GPS only and use unlimited fuel. Keep it simple.

Once you're ready - this will take a while, learn how the AP works. The last and final thing I'd concern myself with is ATC because the default MS ATC is really buggy and will screw with your head when you least expect it.

If you use the 737 for a while, the 747 will be easy to switch to. The differences are only the workings of the AP (and recommended speeds of course) and the 747 'feels' heavier obviously in every aspect.

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