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Control axis problems...

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My last few weeks with fs have made me want to kill babies (not litrally).

After HOURS of screwing about with settings i have finally got my throttle quadrent to work with reversers YAY!

BUT... now for some reason i have no control what so ever over the Prop and Mixture on my pison engine a/c

This works neither with the 2 remaining throttle leavers on the throttle quadrent or on the yoke and i have been into the assignments and tried assigning them on both devices.. I have also double checked in the realisn that auto mixture is off.

Can anyone help and advide will be much appreciated, I need to fly >_<


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C'mon sombody must have good expieriance at setting up the ch quadrent..

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Calm down and tell us WHAT exactly you have... brand name model number computer system etc etc.

WE cannot help if we do not know what to help you with.

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Ok *deep breath*

Ok all my fs gear is CH USB (Yoke, Peadles and Throttle Quadrent)

I recentaly brought a Throttle Quadrent and setting it up is proveing to be a real pain.

I have downloaded and installed the latest CH Manager.
And I have the 11 page CMNOTE document which helps with setting up the throttles for FS2004.

ALL my controls work fine in the manager calibration..
I did have working reversers till today now they are activateing randomly at idle position again. I am guessing my only real choice is scripting the detent in the manager.

The detent 240 and deadzone 4 calibrated in FSUIPC (registered payware) is not proveing very reliable for me.

And since I have added the throttle quadrent my Prop and Mixture leaves are no longer functional either on the yoke or throttle quadrent no matter which axis i assign the control to in the FS options which does detect the input yet in the sim it wont do anything.

As i said I have checked in the ch manager and ALL axis respond 100%.
In the sim my 4 indervidual throttles are good apart from the idle/reverse issues..

My system is:

Custom Build
Win Xp /SP2
Intel Dual Core 3ghz
2GB Ram
Gforce 8800

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Can no one help?

They work fine in FSX but not FS9

I have a 150 pice of plastic here that is usless unles i get help..

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