Saving aircraft folder for reinstallation later?

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Like probably many of you, my aircraft folder is massive with add-on's and AI aircraft. But, recently I had a problem with my computer which required a complete reinstallation of windows xp. With this I lost all of my meticulous fs work.

I'm particularly concerned about my AI aircraft as many of these were manually added over months, (my payware add-on's can easily be reinstalled) and the aircraft .cfg files manually updated. I wonder if next time I could "save" these aircraft folders/files along with the coresponding .bgl traffic files and just paste them in next time I have to reinstall fs9?

Otherwise is there a better way of preserving your painstaking work in the event that you need to unstall fs?


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Put the folders onto a blank disk, uninsall, install, then add the aircrafts from your disk 😉

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