CFS3-I want it!

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So, I really want to get CFS3, so can people post some screenshots??? And what airplanes there are???? Thanks for the help, someone!

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I wouldn't recommend buying CFS3. Virtualy no online, too many bugs and glitches, lots of CDT's, the terrain is pretty ugly, and the Flight Models and Damage Models stink. I recommend Il2 Sturmovik 1946. It has better graphics, better flight and damage models, far more stable, over 256 flyable aircraft from rickety Gladiator Bi-planes to secret Nazi planes that never flew!. Plus it cost about $15 to $20 less than CFS3 and doesn't use up all you system resources.
Here are some trailers for Il2 '46.
1946 trailer

Pe-2 Peshka trailer

Sturmoviks over Manchuria trailer

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