Mid-Air refuelling?

BashDaBish Guest

Are there any addons (payware or freeware) that allow Mid-Air refuelling in FS2004?

I have seen references to it on other aircraft downloads that suggest this is only possible with FS2002?

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Not that I know of, but I could be wrong 😉

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twistedsucker First Officer

Even if there is, I don't think it would be very realistic other than just a plane appearing behind your jet with a flash refueling you. I may be wrong, but it is somehow complicated to make such kind of an addon. I could be very wrong though, if i am, i am truly sorry 🙂

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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

I downloaded an f-16 that has a refuel probe come out of it. I you pull up to a big jet it looks like your refueling it. 😀 Be careful it doesn't make a turn though. I got it off of avsim.

BashDaBish Guest

I cannot for the life of me remember where I read about refuelling. All I can remember was a readme saying that it will work in 2002 but not in 2004 due to its limitations. I am sure it was on an a/c I downloaded.

Ah well.....you win some you lose some, and some more, more, more until there's nothing left to lose.......then you can only win 😀

BashDaBish Guest

Got yer you little tinker! Have a look at this


Basically says this

- Includes 3 sets of sound for Italian, English or German pilots (automatically selected)
- Radar guidance to tanker
- Complete procedure is guided by sound files and text messages, based on available NATO documents, highly realistic.
- Includes KC10/VC10 tanker with protection F16 fighter in formation.
- Boom system and hose/drogue system available (Tornado uses hose/drogue system)
- Can refuel ANY aircraft in-flight
- Configuration file editable to increase or decrease realism.

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horrgakx First Officer

This is Lago's Tornado and as you point out has Air Refuelling built in. It is very good 🙂

BashDaBish Guest

It looks immense....I was going to get it but was put off by the fact the Air Refuelling only works in 2002. I even considered reinstalling FS2002 for this Tornado so I could use the mid-air refuelling.....gave up though as I had sold FS2002 on Ebay thinking its days were numbered 😞

This is the reason for my original question. Why the monkey's does FS2004 not have anything like this?

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horrgakx First Officer

It works on FS2004, I've done it!


BashDaBish Guest

Well blow me down! That answers that one then. 🍻

Was it just a case of installing and using or did you have to change/tweak anything to get it working?

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horrgakx First Officer

As far as I know it just 'worked'.

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peco Trainee

I have tornado its not as easy as u think takes a lot of practice.
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