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Helicopter's direction (yaw) always pulling to the left.



I'm pretty competent at flying the Heli's however I notice they pull slightly to the left which has to be corrected with constant rotational pressure on the joystick to increase tail rotor yaw.

I'm using a Microsoft Forcefeedback joystick which no matter how many times I re-calibrate does not solve the problem.
I don't have the same problems flying fixed wing aircraft.

Maybe it's something to do with the wind forces?

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i think that all helicopters do this i real life


Ahh, just made an observation!

When I am using the 3D cockpit and I look down to the foot pedals, they are not quite aligned straight.

Could this be a bug? Guest

It's called torque reaction, the spin of the rotors going one way pulls the body of the aircraft the other way. In real life I have to always have pedal pressure to fly in balance, you get used to it. If your serious about helo simming, consider buying a set of pedals or ( a lot easier) just pop auto-rudder on in realism settings.

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Right rudder is needed as you rotate. If you trim out with your rudder trim in cruise you should be fine. It's similar to torque in fixed wing. Your rotary wing produces the torque instead of the propellor.

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