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Where are my default planes?

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Since installing FSX, I have noticed that there are some of the "included" planes that don't show up (and never have showed up) in my library when I load Free Flight (or multiplayer). For example, I have never seen the Maule or the Grumman Goose.

I HAVE looked in the Sim Objects\Airplanes folder, and those aircraft are in there--but they don't display in the game and don't seem to be available to me. Is there anything that I can do to get these original planes to show up in my library?

Re-installing FSX is my absolute LAST resort, so any ideas aside from that are much appreciated. I have a handful of addon aircraft in my library, but that's not really a big deal if I do need to reinstall FSX. I have a backup folder of all my addons so I can recover them later in neccessary. I'd love to avoid that scenario if possible.

Thanks for your time. Smile

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They only come with the Deluxe version, not the standard version.


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OK, so I'm confused. I have the Standard version. Those planes are IN my Sim Objects\Airplanes folder. I've opened the folders and looked inside. The folders are NOT empty. There are planes in there (model, panel, texture, etc. files).

I don't get why I have the planes if their not usable...and can I make them usable? Wink

Sometimes I just wanna kick Microsoft RIGHT in the ding-ding! Mad

I got the Standard version because I didn't even know there was a Deluxe version when I bought the game. Wal-Mart was out of them so I never saw it.
Microsoft, eat my shorts!! Anyway, I'm digressing.

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They are AI aircraft and the only way to fly them is too download them or get the deluxe version.

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