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GoFlight RP48 - HELP !

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I have the GoFlight RP48 module and I want to use it in FSX as the autopilot. Is this possible ? I can't find anyway to make it control IAS, Heading, etc with the rotary dials. Any help will be much appreciated. 😀

UPDATE: Nevermind... my answer was a piece of software that you download from GoFlight's Website ... duh. It works like a champ ! Being able to change all the settings on the autopilot (and many other cockpit switches) without having to use the mouse is priceless. 😎

I really like the MCP-Pro from GoFlight (especially since it is setup like the 737 - my favorite plane to fly) but it clocks in at $500 !!! 😳 So I think I will make do with the GF-T8 and RP48 for now. 😀

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