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I don't know if anybody else is using FS Real Time or not, but I just downloaded the newest version 1.87.6 and thought I would try it again. If anybody can help, I would appreciate it. I tried to contact Joshua Robertson at his Contact link but it didn't work.

I have FS Real Time 1.87.6 installed with FSX running on Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit. Where is the green banner that used to display across the top of the screen when a Time Zone is crossed or when the aircraft is placed at the airport through the FSX World Airport dialog? I tested the program by flying a Direct route from KDTW to OBK. That would fly me west and over Lake Michigan toward Chicago.

The Time Zone was correct for Detroit, MI, but as I flew west the local time change came just east of Battle Creek, MI (N42* 14' 36" W084* 57' 04")--way too soon. All of Michigan, except for the western portion of the Northern Peninsula of Michigan, is on EDT--the same as Detroit, MI. That is incorrect and, to make matters worse, the clock went the wrong way! The clock jumped ahead an hour from EDT to Atlantic Daylight Time.

I wondered if the missing green banner might be an indication that FS Real Time is not compatible with Vista 64-bit. I love this FS Real Time program but it just is not working correctly on my System. Am I doing something wrong, here?

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