Cockpit seems BLACK

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Hello all!! I seem to be having a bit of a dilemma i Dl'ed a RAAf f-18 superhornet Here!!that was suposed to be compatible with FSX but for somereason when i load the plane to fly the cockpit does a funny thing where i cant see any of the out side except through the little targeting /info screen where the altimeter etc are located. Otherwise the jet seems to be working fine all other views work perfectly everything else in teh Vc is black as if the canopy on the jet has been spray painted blac...Any ideas as to what this could be?

Thanks in advance to all

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Sounds like another addon plane that doesn't have all the cockpit views. I'm having a bit of trouble understanding your problem. Is it black in the 2D view and visible in the VC 3D view? or is it black in the VC 3D view?
One thing you can try is to go into the 2D cockpit view and press the 'W' key. This may at least bring up a view out of the front of the plane with the 6 main guages on the bottom of the screen. Not really great for flying around...but it'll do.
Some aircraft are just made with ONLY the virtual cockpit view and not both 2D and VC views.

Personally, I generally consider those addons to be crap and I uninstall them. I have ONE plane in my library that doesn't have a 2D cockpit. Otherwise, I just consider it an incomplete plane that the designer was too lazy (or doesn't know how) to complete it before releasing it--and I uninstall it. That's just my personal opinion. I'm sure many people like some of the planes that only have one of the 2 cockpit views. I fly using all the views for various functions so if a plane is lacking a view, I delete it. There are too many good, complete addon planes available. But that's just me ranting about my personal opinion. If you like this plane, you can try the 2D view with a press on the 'W' key to see if that brings anything up that you can use.

Otherwise, you can go online and look for a patch for that plane and see if the bug is fixed in a later release. Other than that, I don't know what you can do.

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Vc cockpits sometimes turn black because there is no texture files for the 3d panel, look in your panel section in your aircraft folder to see if there is any textures for the vc cockpit. 😀

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Alright ill give it a shot and thanks for the info..

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