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7X7 Add-on for FSX + Vista64 ?

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I am looking for a good add on 737/747/757/767/777 for FSX and Vista64. I have the boxed version of 737PIC from Wilco... but I need the b2 patch in order to make it work with Vista (and really it is only rated for Vista32) and I can't get ahold of that patch, as of yet.

So I was wondering... is there any good 7X7 add on aircraft that is tested and ready for FSX and Vista64 ?


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yeah the leveld 767 the pmdg 747 and the maddog 2006 the leved is real nice and the pmdg is ok but over priced wish i had not spent the money for it it's like 70 bucks, the maddog i think is only 46 dollors and it is thebest of the 3

take a look you will love the maddog oh and they all work on 64 bit systems thats what im playing on have a nice day

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Thanks for the response ! I like the MD80 series... I might have to check that out. I am real interested in the leveld... I think the MCP would work nicely with my GoFlight MCP-Pro module.

I have done a lot more reading about the 737PIC that I have and managed to get it working... SP2 is still causing FSX to CTD, but I may have found a fix for that. What a hobby !

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