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I have already asked this question but I don't really know what the answer was. When you taxi in a 737 do you use the rudder or the yoke. I also heard about something called a hand crank on a commercial jet.


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Well, you gotta steer with your nose wheel - a little bit like in your car 😀
-so, whatever moves your nose wheel that's what you'd be using... I'd try the yoke. I've got a stick and pedals, I can use either.

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The yoke does nothing to control the direction on the ground. Even in the air, you still require rudder to initiate the turn and keep it stable. The Yoke is used in ground operations in crosswind conditions to control the airflow over the sufaces and avoid weathercocking or getting flipped over. On the ground we use the rudders and also brakes, unless as in the 737, we have a teeny little steering wheel on the Captains side which is linked directly to the nose wheel steering, somthing I don't think you have in FSX. Common practice in all multi enigne aircraft, we also use the engine's thrust to help in a turn. Adding a little left thrust to help the A/C turn right and visa versa. I"d go with the rudders and play with the thrust and differential braking.

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I just use the rudder controls that's all i really know of anyway to steer.

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I'm sure that will work fine, and does with most tricycle gear aircraft. You will find with tailwheel aircraft especialy it is easier to use differential braking in tight turns. Twins normally go easier with differential throttle controls both to taxi and turn. And larger types will use a combination of all three. A large tailwheel aircraft like the DC3 especially requires the carefull application of rudder and throttles, saving the brakes. It it all about technique.

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thanks for the answer i was wondering as well...
and i've seen videos of aviation air lines saying there is small wheel in the side of the pilots controling the front wheel
as im frequent flyer i always look for air craft coming to park at the jetway never seen them use the rudder..

one more question please
how do pilots knows exactly how to stop and how to be so straight on the yello lines of the taxi way

there is camera or something that they can see ?
it's to perfect and to above from the cockpit to be that straight...


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Practice, Practice. It is done visually, there is no camera. Like driving a car, you get to know it's dimemsions like in parking, where it is in reference to the lane and where your wheels are. On some aircraft there are markings on the cockpit glass for reference, but mostly you take a mental picture of where the aircraft is in relation to your visual cues, and base it on that.

Well, That... and utilizing the awsome superhuman skills we superior beings known as "Captains" Posess. 😉

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Yes, there actually is a taxi cam(showing the nose gear), and the overhead(the ones you see while you are in your seat as a passenger and seeing the whole body of the plane) cam while taxiing shown on the secondary indication display in the cockpit. But only heavy jets have this function. Those that are not as high-tech will taxi to the lane's main tarmac and wait for the ground crew to clamp the wheel and assist to the gate.

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