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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Hi, when ever I open MSFS, I get an error message. I havn't noticed any problems with the game but it is still annoying Crying or Very sad
It says :
SCENERY.CFG file error. Local scenery
directory (Addon Scenery/SCENERY) in scenery
Area.038 not found. Click OK to continue.

Any suggestions please?

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jelami First Officer

You may have installed some add on scenery that has a problem, or deleted some that the system is looking for. I had problems like that with some aicraft carriers I had installed. even after I unistalled them (I thought) Embarassed I had to go into the settings menu, select scenery, and delete them from the list. Hope that helps. 😀

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michlin First Officer

Reinstalling the "Area.038 scenery should correct it. Or, start FS9 go to Settings > Scenery Library and look for Area.038 in the Area List and delete it.

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